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Simple Steps to Prepare Your House for the Market

  • Think outside of the box (house). Make sure the exterior of your home sends a “Welcome” message! Hang easy-to-read house numbers, mow the lawn, wash the windows, repaint or stain your deck if needed, plant blooming flowers.


  • Clear away the clutter inside. Clean and clear surfaces, floors, cupboards and closets. A clean and clear space shows as more spacious to potential buyers.


  • Style your dining table! This is often an overlooked opportunity.  A cheery option is to place a clear bowl full of lemons or an arrangement of flowers.


  • Do a sniff test! Your nose may be accustomed to the scent of your home, but it’s important to take out the garbage, remove dirty laundry, and use a deodorizer if you have a pet. Another trick is to bake a cake before a showing so your house smells “homey “ – just think, if you have 4 showings in a week you could eat 4 cakes that week as well! Win-win!


  • Pretend it’s spring and do the deep cleaning! Baseboards, windows, walls . . . wash them all when you first list, and then give them a quick swipe before a showing!


  • Display your closet space. The buyers will be peaking in every nook and cranny of your home, and closet space can be a real make-or-break for some home buyers. Eliminate the extra items and display your closets as spacious and ample!


  • Use the awkward areas creatively! Set up a little desk or a mommy-command center to display awkward areas as bonus space!


  • Kids toys strewn about? That’s a no-go. Sure, you will have families shopping for a home, but seeing toys scattered throughout the home doesn’t give them that “Fresh-Start” feel they are looking for.


  • Just remember, people pay for a home they can imagine themselves in. It’s worth the extra work if it saves you $5,000-$10,0000 in negotiating costs, or if your home is chosen over the neighbor’s identical  home!